• How do they respond to calls/ enquiries?
  • Their delivery speed
  • The number of their failed/returned deliveries
  • How fast do they remit payment after deliveries in case of (cod) i.e cash on deliveries
  • Proximity of the delivery company to merchant is important to give room for effectiveness and efficiency
  • Insurance policy is very important eg GIT, burglar, fire etc
  • Communication / expertise skills of the riders is very important
  • Deposit of certain amount of money before sign on with the logistics company should not be allowed by the merchant
  • Sharing of some sort percentage of the money collected on behalf of the merchant by the delivery company should not be allowed.

Your products shall be advertised through our social media platforms. After dealing with us for 3 years we shall include your products on our website to help drive your sales.

With our insurance policy, your goods are safe and secured.

We return free of charge for failed deliveries.

If we are called before 2.00pm we deliver the same day. If we get message on our website for deliveries against the following day, we will ensure we deliver before 12.00pm.

Payment is made within 72hrs of deliveries.

In case of failed deliveries you get your goods within 72hrs.

We shall pay for demurrage/rent accrued after furnishing us with the necessary document and payment.